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Masashi Emoto

Professor of Laboratory of Immunology
Department of Laboratory Sciences
Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences
Gunma, Japan

Articles in Volume 1 Issue 3

Research Article Open Access Pages: 79 - 88 Israel
Glucose Modifies the Immune Interaction Between Mononuclear and Human Colon Carcinoma Cells
Meir Djaldetti and Hanna Bessler

Background: Glucose is one of the principal energy suppliers for normal cell development. Impaired glucose metabolism may lead to serious health and immune impediments including carcinogenesis. The question posed in the present work was if glucose, at...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ami.93650011
Review Article Open Access Pages: 89 - 97 Brazil
Emerging A New Strategy for the Antitumor Immunotherapy: Pharmacological Modulation of the Ca2+/Camp Signaling Interaction
Afonso Caricati-Neto, Paolo Ruggero Errante, Francisco Sandro Menezes-Rodrigues and Leandro Bueno Bergantin

Cancer is a major public health problem and the second leading cause of mortality around the world. Antitumor immunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies is considered selective and efficient in the treatment of different types of tumors, but its cost and toxic effects ...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ami.93650012
Research Article Open Access Pages: 98 - 107 Iraq
About the Role of Insulin in the Interaction Between Human Immune and Colon Cancer Cells
Hanna Bessler and Meir Djaldetti

Background: Insulin has been one of the immense contributions to human health. Besides its role in treatment of diabetes, insulin affects inflammatory cytokine production, chronic inflammation and cancer development. We have examined the effect of ins...Read More

doi: 10.26502/ami.93650013
Case Report Open Access Pages: 108 - 111 Taiwan
Ileum Perforation With Aspergillosis and Subsequent Cytomegalovirus Ileitis Bleeding in A Patient Recovery From Dengue Fever
Wen-Ching Wang, Wen-Liang Yu

doi: 10.26502/ami.93650014

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